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Covenant Warriors International Ministries, is a full gospel ministry: preaching, teaching, healing, delivering, and imparting spiritual gifts as our ministry verse Mat. 10:7-8 states. Called to the Body of Christ we are centered in deliverance with an emphasis in teaching church leadership and layman leaders in the USA and internationally. As our Mission statement and vision indicate we have been specifically charged to heal the survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Mission Statement

This site is to Glorify the LORD JESUS. To answer the call "To stand in the gap" that HE has placed on our lives. To make HIS love and power available to all those whom satan and his demons have tried to defeat. To teach and assist the process of self-deliverance and deliverance. To allow the healing of the battle scars that have been inflicted by the god of this world, his demons, spirits, and entities for the short time they have left. To assist those who the FATHER has also called into this ministry. For the healing of those person's with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) induced by severe Ritual Abuse and mind control using Biblical concepts, precepts, practices, and strategies.

CWIM Vision

To build a national and international network of Safe Houses having qualified Safe House Operators equipped with supporting CWIM Ministers and resources in the similitude of the Levitical priesthood. Who adhere to the three fold healing process of spirit, soul, and body.

Modeling Christian values, virtues, and relationships through the controlled, secure Family Orientated Behavioral Modification Modeling Environment Technique. Mentoring and empowering the victims of severe ritual trauma causing Multiple Personality Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder to become productive citizens in the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.

Providing Christian advocacy, consulting, and resources for professional organizations, paraprofessionals, pastors, and other interested persons regarding Ritual Abuse, Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, mind control (programming) and paranormal activity.

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CWIM Statement of Faith

We believe:

1. The Bible, Old and New Testaments to be the inspired Word of God, completely without error in the original writings. The divine and final authority of faith and life for mankind. 2 Sam. 23:2; 2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Pet. 1:21

2. One God who is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, the creator and sustainer of all things visible and invisible, known and unknown, revealed in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Isa. 44:24; Psa. 139; Col. 1:16; Gen. 1:26; Gen. 3:22; Joh. 1:1; Col. 2:9; Rom. 1:20

3. That Jesus Christ being all God and all man, the eternal and ONLY Son of God was born of the Virgin Mary: willingly suffered, bleed, and died was buried and rose physically and spiritually back to life three days later ascending to the right hand of God the Father. That repentance from dead works ONLY comes through the blood of Jesus Christ, granting forgiveness and ONLY through HIS resurrection is there eternal life for mankind. Gen. 3:15; Isa. 7:14; Luk. 1:30-34; Joh. 3:16; Heb. 9:22; Col. 2:12, Joh. 6:44; Heb. 6:1-3

4. That mankind cannot in any way fully comprehend nor understand that which is revealed in scripture. Pro. 25:2; Rom. 11:34; 1 Cor. 2:16; Eph. 3:18-19

5. That mankind is saved ONLY by Grace and Faith, which is not of themselves but of God through Jesus Christ. Rom. 4:16; Eph. 2:8; 1 Joh. 2:12

6. In water baptism; in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, indicating our death, burial, and resurrection with the Lord and King Jesus Christ. Mat. 28:19; Rom. 6:4; Col. 2:12; Heb 6:1-3

7. In partaking of the bread and the wine in remembrance of the Lord Jesus as a holy sacrament and the communion of the saints in earthly and eternal life. 1 Cor 10:16-17; 1 Cor 11:24-30

8. In the baptism of the Holy Spirit for regeneration, sanctification, and eternal life in and through Christ Jesus. Job 33:4; Mat. 19:28; Joh. 3:5; Joh. 20:22; Acts 2:4; Acts 2:8; Acts 19:6; Heb 6:1-3; Tit. 3:5

9. That the Lord Holy Spirit being the Spirit of Jesus Christ has been given to mankind to lead them to the saving knowledge of God the Son, thereby, regenerating the believing sinner, indwelling, convicting, instructing and empowering the believer for godly life and service. Joh. 14:26; Joh. 16:8; Acts 1:8; Php. 1:19; Rev. 19:10

10. In the laying on of hands for the communication of blessings, healing, the extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit, and for separation of service unto God the Father and Jesus Christ. Lev. 3:8; Acts 8:18; Heb. 6:1-3; 1 Tim. 5:22

11. In the resurrection of the dead that is begin with physical life in Christ Jesus and culminated in eternal life in Christ Jesus. Col. 2:12; Acts 10:41; Heb. 6:2

12. In eternal judgment to everlasting life or everlasting damnation. Lev 9:15; Pro. 21:3; Heb. 6:1-3; Rom 13:2; 2 Pet. 2:3; Rev. 20:12

13. That mankind was created in the image and likeness of God, given full dominion of earth but through disobedience lost his dominion to the devil, the serpent. That by, through, and in Jesus Christ man can and has regained that dominion. Gen. 1:28; Rom. 6:14; Eph 3:9-11

For the pious an uninformed: The walls of Jericho fell on the trumpets blow after the 13th time around the city.

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