Wizard Of Oz

Wizard Of Oz Mind Control Summary

For greater understanding of this Mind Control Program you must be a CWIM Partner.

Public (non-partner) Wizard of Oz Summary

There are several sites that speak about the Illuminati program entitled The Wizard of Oz. These sites compare the movie to the mind control program and by the modern definition of occult to various aspects of satanism and or witchcraft even correctly identifying two or three of the main trigger phrases. CWIM (Covenant Warriors International Ministries) salutes their hard work and effort. CWIM by the Holy Ghost strives to go beyond comparison to full understanding, thereby, being able to actually deprogram the infected Insider(s) and body as a whole. The Lord Jesus has most graciously brought this about; in fact, HE has supplied the full documentation of the actual program as written by the Grand Master Programmer during the programming session. Thus, we do no movie comparison but the real actual full program.

For the curious non-CWIM partner we will reveal only a basic overview. Understand that our partnerships are more designed as an attempt to not let every Illuminati or satanic coven know how much we know and thereby causing them to make changes within the program structure. Some may think that since the program is already installed that it is a done deal. Let me assure you this is only partially true due to the "Hour Glass" sub-routine in the program. It is also because Safe Houses are very expensive to operate, even though we draw NO salary or pay of any kind.

The Wizard of Oz mind control program theme is a marionette program, despite the fact that the Grand Master Programmer writes in the opening description that it is a monarch program. For clarification I refer the reader to our programming deprogramming summary page. There are also variations of the Oz program some suggest there are 14 because there 14 different Wizard of Oz books. I cannot confirm or deny these variations, except the one that most leave out, The Whiz; the black musical version of the same but with different triggers and additional covers. The variation I speak of is between the full version, a two week non-stop programming session and the five day or the three day modified versions.

The Oz program is a build type program; it is installed in a series of multiple subroutines. A subroutine is a block of code that is itself a small program within the overall program. An example would be your 'morning routine'. You get out bed, go to the bathroom, comb your hair, brush your teeth, decide and put on your clothes; each part is a subroutine of your morning routine. Each part (subroutine) is connected in our mind to each other. We do them in our specific order with little change. But each part (subroutine of our self made and learned program) can be done at anytime within the overall morning program and if desired or needed can be entirely left out. To further ensure understanding: if you get up late, you may not brush your teeth. The brushing your teeth subroutine is simply left out of your morning program. So you have a modified morning program. From a programmers view point this is a wonderful thing because the programmer can order the sub-routines in ALMOST any order and or leave out a subroutine(s). This also allows an Oz sub-routine to be a stand alone program or inserted within another smaller less or more nasty program.

The sub-routine structure incorporated with the 15-20 'in-structure' program triggers, the several hidden programmable triggers, and the included expandable sub-routine is what makes this program an old time Illuminati favorite and one of the most, if not the most widely used programs in the world.

As previously mentioned 3 or 4 of the many 'in structure' triggers are fairly easy to find on the internet. To save the reseacher, Deliverance Minister, Deprogrammer, or Therapist time, we have only found the same 3-4 triggers; the known triggers are common knowledge. The researcher, Deliverance Minister, Therapist should totally understand that the programmed Insider(s) does NOT know the program triggers. I'm aware that this is undesirable by many good individuals who have in fact gotten the normal known triggers from an Insider (Alter) and even from an 'ex-programmer' and or an Insider (Alter) that is one of the system re-programmers but the fact remains that deception is satan's number one tool. Which is the same as blindness for true deception requires that the deceived does not know their deceived; if they knew they wouldn't be deceived but an accomplice.

The other reasoning's for the programee to not know is fairly obvious but we explain it in our first partnership level. Though the understanding of all mind control programs is critical to healing the Multiple Personality or Dissociative Identity person full knowledge and better still coupled with actual understanding of the Wizard of Oz program theme greatly enhances the ability to comprehend many other programs increasing the speed of recovery while decreasing the normally very high probability of being deceived. Furthermore, this is one very effective and very nasty program that is installed in virtually every MPD or DID.

To show you the depths that this mind control program can go we have placed this picture of the Land of OZ and its surrounding countries. However, even in understanding the bare basics of this map is Level 2 understanding (CWIM Archangel Level). The accurate understanding in greater detail including most triggers and the ways of deprograming or destorying them is in the CWIM Warrior Level with the total program and all triggers including the hidden triggers and exactly how it is done and deprogramed is at the CWIM DM partnership level of CWIM DM.