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Conference and Seminars: Healing the SRA MPD DID through a
Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ.

This section of our site is strictly for Multiple Personality Disorder and or Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is not recommended for individuals who are MPD and or DID and should be considered highly triggering.

As the Lord Jesus has taken us deeper and deeper into this very complex issue of the human spirit and soul (mind) we have been led to believe that MPD is not the same as DID. Multiple Personality Disorder involves the breaking of the human spirit into pieces. Where as Dissociative Identity Disorder contains more elements of the mind (soul).

You can read more on this by clicking the appropriate link below. It will take me a while to update the information that the Lord Jesus has revealed to us over the past couple of years, correcting in some areas and adding in others.

Overview for Working with D.I.D and M.P.D

Definition of D.I.D and M.P.D

Creation of Insiders (Alters)

The World of an Insider (Personalities)


Satanic Ritual Abuse