A Closer Look At The Top Four High School Sports


High school sports are the lifeblood of many schools, towns, and cities across the country. Not only do they provide students with much-need physical exercise, but that also foster team building, a sense of responsibility, and leadership qualities in many young student-athletes. While football often gets the most media attention, there are plenty of other sports that are popular amongst students. Below we will look at the top four high school sports and their respective benefits.


Building Tomorrow’s Leadersfvygybv

As mentioned above, football tends to get a lot of the attention amongst students, their families, and even community members, some of who are former football players themselves. Being part of a football team gives students the chance to work together with their teammates while also giving them the experience and confidence in taking charge and leading others, skills that are invaluable in the workplace.


Success On The Court And In The Classroom

While basketball is not the most popular, it is one of the top four high school sports because, in addition to providing schools and communities with an exciting spectator sport after the football season is over, it also helps to improve students’ academic work. With many basketball players going on to be recruited by college teams and receiving excellent undergraduate educations, basketball is a team sport with plenty of benefits on and off the court.

Track & Field

Running To Face Challenges Head-On

Of the four top high school sports, track & field pushes students on an individual level to challenge themselves while also getting the benefit of being part of a team. Whether a student is very muscular and can throw a shot put a long distance or is skinny and can run as fast as the wind, track & field provides student athletes with countless opportunities to focus on themselves while staying in shape during the spring.


Hitting Teamwork Out of the Park

fhrbhtbgWhile all of the above sports help to foster a sense of camaraderie and improve a person’s ability to work as part of a team, baseball players tend to truly excel as great team players. After all, with each baseball player given a specific position, ranging from the outfielders to the pitcher, it allows students to try out different positions on the team to find the position in which they excel. As each player needs to be aware of his or her teammate’s individual abilities and skills, baseball is undoubtedly on of the top four high school sports in building teamwork and working together.…