How to choose the right crab


Seafood lovers must admit that crabs are the most common delicacy. However, it is important to make sure that you get the right crab for cooking. The quality of the crab you choose will determine the overall outcome of your meal. If you want to cook the crab yourself, then I would advise that you get the live crab. Avoid the frozen crab because it will cause you a lot of trouble when cooking. When ordering crab, make sure that the mud crab supplier can offer live crab. In addition to this, there are also other factors to look when choosing a crab.

Choosing crab

Smell the crabsadsadsadad

The first step when choosing crab is to smell it. Good crab should be odorless. This is a sign that it is fresh and fit for consumption. There are instances when you might notice the smell of ammonia. This is one of the signs that you should stay away from such crab. Fresh and good crab should be odorless.

Colour of the shell

When it comes to crab, the duller the shell the better. Avoid the bright colored shells and opt for crab that has a duller color. A dull colored shell means that you will have an easier time removing the shell. In addition to this, it means that it has fleshier and it is meaty.

Always be a live one

It is always advisable to buy a live crab if you want to enjoy your meal. Buying a dead one might be tricky because it means that it might not be fresh. Ideally, a crab should be cooked at least 10 hours after being caught so to be on the safe side always buy a fresh one.

Check the bellsadsdadasday

The belly of the crab will always tell you if the crab has enough flesh. If you overturn the crab and touch the belly, you can always tell. For instance, if the belly feels firm when you touch, then it has more flesh. On the other hand, if the belly is soft then it has less flesh.
Check the claws

When buying a crab, it is important to buy one that has fully grown. To determine if the crab is fully grown check if the claws have been used for a long time. For the fully grown crab, you will always see the blunt look on the crab.